Rep. Steve Scalise, who was almost killed in 2017 when a crazed left-wing activist opened fire on a practice for the annual Congressional baseball game, served up this must-read thread this morning on why “Republicans and Democrats alike must have the moral clarity to call out violent rhetoric whenever it’s spoken, not just when it’s politically convenient”:

He did not mince words and called what happened at the Capitol “domestic terrorism”:

And he called for an end to “selectively condemning” violence:

“Both the politically-motivated gunman who shot me on a baseball field and the anarchists who rioted at the Capitol were radicalized by extreme rhetoric” and “It would be naive to think that either of these actions occurred in a vacuum”:

But he also made it clear that he doesn’t equate what happened at the Capitol to the “millions of Americans who voted for President Trump or the Republican Party”:

And finally, he called for Republicans and Democrats to come together and “resist the urge to throw fuel on the fire”: