As we told you earlier, Nancy Pelosi allowed a Covid-19 positive member onto the floor this afternoon, along with another Dem who was in quarantine, in order to secure the necessary votes for another term as Speaker:

Keep in mind, Rep. Gwen Moore, the congresswoman who tested positive, did so only on Dec. 28:

But she had a doctor’s note so it’s cool to expose all your colleagues to the coronavirus:

You see, in the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress, if you’re a Dem you can break CDC guidelines to show up and vote but if you’re a freshman member like Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, you get reprimanded for taking a selfie on the floor:

Dems also got mad at her for the way she was wearing her mask:

A shouting match, even:

Well, this mask won’t make them happy either:

Something tells us the next year is going to be pretty ???.