New York Magazine has a pretty awful explainer up right now this is giving no context to the fact that “more than 11,000 children are currently in detention.” In short, the number doesn’t break down the number of kids who were sent across the border as unaccompanied minors vs. those who were separate from their families by the zero-tolerance enforcement policy now in effect:

It’s an important distinction:

Because when parents send their kids to cross Mexico alone, taking them into custody — which is the plan, by the way — at the border is not the same as putting them “concentration camps”:

Vox’s Dara Lind is making this same point of you don’t believe us. He tweeted “most of” these kids are unaccompanied minors and “were not forcibly separated”:

This is an important distinction and one that’s being overlooked, although it’s one DHS Sec. D made at the podium on Monday:

Imagine that. Vox explains why the Trump administration was telling the truth.