Students from around the country are protesting gun violence today by walking out of their classrooms and this is, of course, too big an opportunity to pass up if you’re a liberal Democrat who loves the cameras.

Here’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) leading the students in a chant:

This walk out is a solemn occasion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile for the cameras. SAY CHEESE!

Everyone is happy!

Maybe he’s smiling because his campaign manager was just found guilty in a federal corruption trial and the MSM won’t care?


…They’re too busy taking photographs of the governor and AFT union head Randi Weingarten laying down on the street in their dress clothes:

Where Cuomo chose to lay down has some history, too. This is wear Occupied Wall Street “used to dump”:

Exit question: Will the student walkouts have the same effect on America as OWS? By that we mean, nothing?