An article listing the “10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On A First Date” has gone viral after conservatives mocked the crap out of it.

First up, what’s in intersectional feminist you might ask? This is from USA Today:

If feminism is advocating for women’s rights and equality between the sexes, intersectional feminism is the understanding of how women’s overlapping identities — including race, class, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation — impact the way they experience oppression and discrimination.

A white woman is penalized by her gender but has the advantage of race. A black woman is disadvantaged by her gender and her race. A Latina lesbian experiences discrimination because of her ethnicity, her gender and her sexual orientation.

Although we must admit, Urban Dictionary seems to have the more accurate definition:

Feminism as practised by self-righteous people who will take any excuse to be rude, demeaning, and even downright racist to other people in public. The intersectional feminist believes that just being pro-women’s rights isn’t enough and that that if you don’t also bitch about racism and exclusion of the disabled, LGBT people, religious discrimination, etc, etc, as a part of every conversation, then you’re just part of the problem.

With that in mind, here are the 10 questions ever intersectional feminist should ask on a first date:

1. Do you believe that Black Lives Matter?
2. What are your thoughts on gender and sexual orientation?
3. How do you work to dismantle sexism and misogyny in your life?
4. What are your thoughts on sex work?
5. Are you a supporter of the BDS movement?
6. What is your understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous rights?
7. Do you think capitalism is exploitative?
8. Can any human be illegal?
9. Do you support Muslim Americans and non-Muslim people from Islamic countries?
10. Does your allyship include disabled folks?

Yeah … now you can see why our side mocked it. Parody or real life?

And yes, satire is dead:

But really … who asks these questions?

It really is great though, but not for why the author thinks it is:

This advice does make a lot of sense:

And this:

How would you answer those 10 questions? Twitchy regular Jesse Kelly took a shot at it, and it’s hilarious:




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