Every once in a while (every minute of the day) an outspoken Leftist spews a hot pile of propaganda so bizarre that one has to wonder at the thought process behind it. Blue check Leftist activist Nina Turner threw out a hot take that must have been a complete mind bender to achieve through any presumably conscious thought process.

Thus far, Nina’s declaration cannot be found in any dictionary of official capacity. Not that definitions have have thwarted the Left from using and abusing well known words in ways they were never intended, just to compliment their political pursuits.

Try as they may, no one is going to be able to salvage the true definition once a Leftist finds a way to warp a word.

There is simply no regard for commonly understood definitions when the Left decides they have a new meaning to embrace.

When someone sends out a statement that is nearly unbelievably bizarre, one must also consider the possibility that the revolutionary musing was shared as a simple attention grabber. The possibility of an encounter of the paradoxical kind must be kept in mind.

Don’t spend too much time trying to unpack this twisted train of thought, but if you get hung up thinking it through… you logical types are going to have questions.

Bet you can’t wait to see what the new definition for an old word of the day will be tomorrow. Nothing is certain though, except for death and debts! Ok, obviously this particular definition makeover needs work.

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