The trove of Dr. Fauci emails that have been released after a FOIA request contains some comments that throws even more media reports from last year onto the “fake news” pile.

Fauci fielded some questions about a New York Times story (which was picked up by many other outlets) that said the Trump administration was “muzzling” top health officials. Fauci’s answers just confirm what Trump had been saying about the “fake news” media the whole time:

“I have never been inhibited from interacting with the press.”

Here’s another:

“Taken very much out of context” is the MSM’s middle name!

And apparently somebody at the National Institutes of Health agreed with Fauci that the Trump administration wasn’t trying to keep them from talking to the media:

Another narrative bites the dust. Maybe media outlets will do more stealth “adjustments” to their stories now that the facts are coming out.

Exactly how many people were suspended for asking questions that have now been validated?