Christopher Rufo was lumped in recently with Libs of TikTok and Matt Walsh for perpetrating “stochastic terrorism” against a children’s hospital, of all places. Taylor Lorenz was disgusted with Libs of TikTok for terrorizing a children’s hospital by weaponizing her followers. All these children’s hospitals are trying to do is provide gender-affirming care, like gender-affirming hysterectomies and double mastectomies, for minors along their gender journey.

Now Rufo is back and ready to weaponize his followers against another children’s hospital which has teamed up with Chicago school districts to train teachers and students about gender and get them thinking beyond the false binary.

Note: Some of the images attached to these tweets show sex toys and such, so turn back now if that’s not your thing.

“By age 5 to 6 years, most children declare a gender identity of male or female.”

Also, “You’ve just met Liz. You wouldn’t ask her about her genitals … so why would you if you knew she was transgender?” You might bring it up casually in the gym showers, perhaps.

Rufo writes:

The primary training document, “Beyond Binary: Gender in Schools,” follows the basic narrative of academic queer theory: white, Western society has created an oppressive gender binary, falsely dividing the world into the categories of man and woman, that has resulted in “transphobia,” “cissexism,” and “systemic discrimination” against racial and sexual minorities. Versions of the document were attributed to Jennifer Leininger, associate director of Lurie’s Community Programs and Initiatives, and Hadeis Safi, a “nonbinary” gender activist who uses “they/them” pronouns and works for the hospital’s LGBTQ and Gender Inclusion program—which advertises its care for children with “gender expansive” identities and offers “gender-affirming” medical procedures, including puberty blockers for children.

The presentation encourages teachers and school administrators to support “gender diversity” in their districts, automatically “affirm” students who announce sexual transitions, and “communicate a non-binary understanding of gender” to children in the classrooms. The objective, as one version of the presentation suggests, is to disrupt the “entrenched [gender] norms in western society” and facilitate the transition to a more “gender creative” world.

The slide deck says that transphobia plays out in discriminatory acts directed toward “a relatively powerless minority” — a relatively powerless minority that has the White House using pronouns during Zoom calls and promoting gender-affirming care. A relatively powerless minority that may not be criticized on Twitter without facing a suspension.

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