As Twitchy has reported, the Biden administration has scrapped a long-planned ICBM test so as not to escalate tensions with China, after Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan this week. Kirby has assured the press at least twice that the Biden administration does not support Taiwanese independence. But since President Joe Biden is so tight with Chinese President Xi Jinping, why not give Xi a call? After all, he’s in isolation with COVID-19 in the White House residence and has plenty of time, right?

The White House keeps sending out photos of Biden on the phone (wearing a mask) to show that he’s still running the show from the White House residence. Where did Doocy get the notion that Biden’s got a lot of free time this week?

And Doocy strikes again:

The White House had better post some more photos of Biden on the phone to show how hard he’s working, even with COVID.

Kirby’s a little touchy today: