As Twitchy reported last week, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser reminded citizens that they need three things “before heading out”: a mask, a photo ID, and proof of vaccination. We’d been assured that photo ID was racist and shouldn’t be required to vote, but if you want to eat at a restaurant in D.C., you need one. Some people responded that people would just drive to Virginia and eat out there.

A reporter asked Bowser about her thoughts on people abandoning D.C. restaurants for Virginia, and it got Jonathan Chait thinking.

If you think the vaccines work at preventing spread, you wouldn’t care if someone three tables down were unvaxxed. If you don’t think the vaccines work at preventing spread, a vaccine passport would mean nothing to you.

Does Chait really think people from Virginia are going to drive to D.C. for dinner because the restaurants require a vaccine passport, and D.C.’s going to come out ahead? If you’re that concerned about catching COVID you’d eat at home or have food delivered.

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