We’re honestly not sure what connection George Floyd had to Newark, New Jersey; we know he was killed in Minneapolis. And while Minneapolis has “George Floyd Square,” Newark has a 700 lb. bronze statue of Floyd sitting on a park bench. President Biden visited with Floyd’s family on the anniversary of his death, but he wasn’t present for the unveiling.

America’s wrongs are being righted: statues of Confederates have been pulled down, moved inside, or covered with tarps and now a statue of Floyd has gone up. Filmmaker Leon Pickney commissioned the statue, which was donated to the city, so no, Newark didn’t pay for it. Floyd was immortalized sitting on a park bench because “the world needed a peaceful George,” according to the sculptor.

BlazeTV’s Jason Whitlock is thrilled:

Have we mentioned that the Black Lives Matter manifesto calls for the “disruption” of the nuclear family?

And Minneapolis thought a mural would be sufficient.