The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is holding on tight to her Trump Derangement Syndrome as long as she can; she’s been riding that wave so long we’re not sure what the “conservative” columnist is going to write about for the next four years, except to show her support for the Democrats. (By the way, she finally changed her Twitter bio from “conservative” to “NeverTrump, pro-democracy opinion writer.”

Rubin didn’t write this piece, but she’s extracted a quote from Dan Balz’s piece on what Trump supporters believe and clarified that it’s the definition of white supremacy.

The best part is that Balz was apparently trying to make the point that America isn’t hopelessly divided and that “we are not fated to remain this angry at each other.” Rubin thought she’d help that along by telling 74 million Trump supporters that the cornerstone of their belief system is white supremacy. That’ll bring unity.

At least Joe Biden’s not gonna put y’all back in chains, ’cause he knows poor kids can be just as bright and talented as white kids.

But what about the unity?