As Twitchy reported Friday, a reporter from News 12 Long Island was confronted by some protesters at a coronavirus lockdown protest and though he kept his reporting objective, he had to relay that the level of anger directed at him by protesters was alarming:

This was the finished product, which accompanied another tweet with the raw video of him being confronted.

Of course, there was much hand-wringing among media types:

Yeah, tell it to Steve Scalise.

As if reporter Kevin Vesey hadn’t made himself the center of the story enough, he followed up with yet another “behind the scenes” video:

“Learn more about his story and the moments that have since captured the media world.” Admittedly, the protesters could have been more level-headed, but why do we never see this level of coverage when Antifa grabs people’s cameras out of their hands and sucker-punches Andy Ngo in the back of the head, takes his equipment, and pours a concrete milkshake over him.

Jim Acosta is right: It’s a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.


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