We don’t know if Joe Biden sexually harassed former staffer Tara Reade — he’s not talking and the media isn’t asking; what we do know is a search of CNN’s website for “Christine Blasey Ford” pulls up 700 articles but absolutely zero hits for “Tara Reade.”

The thing is, anything you can say about Blasey Ford you can also say about Reade. Reade stayed mostly silent until it was clear Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee for president; Blasey Ford stayed silent until Brett Kavanaugh had been nominated to fill a Supreme Court vacancy. What would either woman have to gain?

Tom Elliott of Grabien Media put together this great supercut of possible Biden running mates (all women) speaking out about Blasey Ford: how they believe her, how she’s credible, how she has nothing to gain, how courageous she is for coming forward. If this doesn’t give you the current standing of the #MeToo movement, nothing will.

Even candidate Hillary Clinton put out a video saying that all women have a right to be heard and believed.

Yeah, she eviscerated Michael Bloomberg at the debate for allegedly calling a woman a “horse-faced lesbian” and then demanded he release all his former female employees from their nondisclosure agreements.

You might be shocked to hear that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a big Bernie supporter) actually believes Reade has a right to be heard:

She took a beating in the comments for that one; #MeToo is deader than dead now that Biden’s almost certainly the nominee.