Shout out to Benny Johnson who must have actually listened to the entire interview with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Obama Bros. Pod Save America podcast earlier this week.

In case you thought Ocasio-Cortez comparing Ben Shapiro’s $10,000 challenge to debate him to catcalling was the first time she’d used that metaphor this week, you’re wrong. Being a New Yorker, she said she knows the kind of guy President Trump is, and even he’s catcalled her on the streets before.

Good catch.

Yeah, catcalling is definitely a thing with feminists — you probably don’t remember that viral video that went around in 2014 that supposedly proved the existence of a “catcalling epidemic.” This person does:

Probably “dog whistle.” Lefties like that one a lot.

Remember that county in the U.K. that made wolf-whistling in the street a hate crime? Maybe that’ll be on her legislative agenda.

If she and the Democratic Socialists of America have their way, you might end up eating those varmints to survive.