We know we’re walking a tightrope here, because half the nation seems convinced that the Trump administration literally is composed of Nazis and white supremacists, and just about anything can and will be interpreted as racism.

But the Associated Press is walking an even thinner tightrope, reporting as hard news that a remark by President Trump draws parallels to white nationalistic rhetoric while citing sources such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to bolster its case.

The remark in question? Trump told The Sun that Europe is losing its culture by allowing in millions and millions of immigrants, and Brits “go through certain areas that didn’t exist ten or 15 years ago.”

“Historians and advocates immediately denounced Trump’s comments, saying such talk would encourage white nationalists,” the AP reports, citing the SPLC and two academics.

But is he wrong? Contrary to what many liberals believe, conservatives are pro-immigration, but they’re also pro-assimilation; those who seek to come to the United States (or Europe, or anywhere else) ought to have an interest in integrating.

Call it racist of us to bring it up if you must, but remember after dozens of women in Cologne, Germany reported being sexually assaulted during New Year’s celebrations by groups of men of “Arab or North African descent?”

In response, Cologne’s mayor suggested that women keep “one arm length distance” to avoid assaults, a consortium of public TV and radio stations published an illustrated guide for refugees showing Germany’s new immigrant population how women are to be treated in Germany, and Berlin set up a “safe zone” for women at its New Year’s Eve festivities.

Here’s a page from that guide clarifying that women in everyday dress like short skirts aren’t signaling they’re prostitutes.

And check out this recent video from the BBC, featuring a program in Norway designed to teach asylum seekers from the Middle East and Africa European “cultural codes” around rape:

Sorry, but we’re not going to make the jump from Trump’s comment to white nationalism quite as quickly as the AP did. And isn’t it ironic that progressives are the first to call racism in order to defend sexual mores and attitudes that are, quite frankly, regressive?

In any case, the AP got what it wanted, as readers didn’t think the headline went far enough.

Sure we must be vigilantly anti-racist — but let’s not conflate race with culture.

OK, we’ll make a deal. We’ll just open the borders and admit Europe has no immigration problem as long as liberals take full responsibility for setting up “safe zones” and “codes of conduct” for women and classes for refugees on “cultural codes” around rape.

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Looks like The Washington Post didn’t punch up the white nationalist angle enough for at least one of its correspondents:

Yeah, Merkel is in quite the pickle; that whole “just let everybody in” policy didn’t quite work out for her: