Being at the mall the day after Christmas seems bad enough, but it gets worse, apparently. Several malls across the country are reporting lockdowns and shooting incidents, although they’re turning out to be false … so far.

Please note that not all reports are confirmed, but we’ve covered more than a couple of mall “shootings” before that have turned out to be nothing at all after a sweep by law enforcement — despite witnesses swearing they heard shots or saw guns drawn.

For example, here’s a report from New Jersey.

And in Ohio:

Here’s a brief video from Beachwood Place just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and plenty of people are noting there seems to be a lot of laughter coming from people running for their lives.

And here’s Long Island, New York:

Make that seven injured, and more than 70 calls placed to police.

And here’s Manchester, Conn.

Town Center Aurora in Colorado was evacuated and closed down, police report.

And here’s the Monroeville Mall outside of Pittsburgh:

And Arizona Mills in Tempe …

And here’s one more (for now) at Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis, Tenn.

With no evidence whatsoever to back this up, it’s hard to believe that all of this isn’t being coordinated through social media.

Just stop it, everybody.

* * *


And here’s another report from the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth. If you’re reading this and have family members who are out and about, it might be worth a phone call to let them know the mall — any mall — isn’t the best place to be right now.

There were reports of fireworks — literally — at Hamilton Place in Chattanooga, Tenn.


* * *


Our sympathies to anyone stuck at the Fox Valley Mall outside of Chicago, which is being added to the list.

And here’s Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis, where once again, there were reports of shots fired that could not be confirmed by police investigators.

Let’s hope anyone who escaped from Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis didn’t head over to Oak Court as an alternative; the mall closed early in response.

* * *


Here’s one more for the record, from Farmington, Conn.

* * *


It looks like somebody got the memo … although Fort Worth wasn’t on “the list” for a mall fight Monday.

Oops, never mind: