It’s tricky writing a piece about how Hillary Clinton lost the second debate without using the words “Hillary Clinton” and “lost” uncomfortably close to each other, but journalists found a way, thanks to town hall participant Ken Bone. His norm-core anti-style was just the antidote America needed in a poisonous campaign season.

However, it looks like Bone might not be able to wring his full 15 minutes of fame out of that red sweater, and even his status as a Twitter Moment seems overlong in retrospect. In fact, people are starting to regret those think pieces faster than it took to regret ordering that official Bone T-shirt, or worse, that Sexy Kenneth Bone Halloween costume.

So why is everyone suddenly being so bad to Bone? Well, it seems that as part of his whirlwind tour of every media outlet available, Bone agreed to participate in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. It’s not so much the answers he gave, though, that were problematic; rather, by participating in the session he revealed his Reddit alias, allowing anyone and everyone to look up his posting history on the site.

The Washington Post was among many outlets that gave a roundup of Bone’s online activities:

Bone occasionally commented in NSFW subreddits — including one called “preggoporn,” talked about his sex life after a vasectomy, described forging car insurance documents in the past “so I wouldn’t get fired from my pizza delivery job” while earning the money he needed to pay for his real insurance, commented on the stolen nude images released during Celebgate, and argued that the killing of Trayvon Martin was “justified” — but that George Zimmerman also seemed to be a “bad guy.”

The New York Times added that Bone “also commented on pictures of scantily clad women on the Bodyperfection and RealGirls subreddits.”

That’s all it took for some (well, most) media outlets to withdraw their endorsements of Bone overnight. Didn’t anyone vet this guy before elevating him to “the American Hero we need” status? How could seasoned journalists fall for a charismatic outsider and then turn tail so easily? Is the public culpable for giving him undue attention and thus foisting him on the press?

Ignore the sweater and check out this flip-flop:

Even the New York Times reported that “we” might be leaving the Bone Zone, though it tried its best to let America down gently. Bone isn’t the apocalypse personified — he’s just a flawed human being like the rest of us under that red sweater.

It is Mr. Bone’s turn to show the world that he is a flawed person — a human, even — who decided to take the ride when insta-fame was given to him.

He might also now be forced to acknowledge that he has said and done things that are bad, unpopular or even illegal. And the rest of us, in our indignant perfection, will shake our heads and tweet about it.


Comment history? Hasn’t the guy heard of BleachBit?

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