It would appear journalism’s Glossary Of Interpretational Conservative Activities has a new entry. We all have seen that whenever there is a reaction to a Democrat scandal it is said Republicans ”Pounce”. Making comments about a news story that the press wants to diminish is a sign of ”conservative anger”.

Now when those on the right gather in a protest the proper reaction to this is to say they are ”Storming” the location. This was in full effect yesterday when it was seen that Open It Up protestors arrived at the state capital of Michigan.

Some might call it deeply cynical to suggest that a talking point had been sent out yesterday that anyone commenting on the protest has to say that gathering was an example of ”Storming”. (For the record, we here at Twitchy are deeply cynical. Fun-loving and lighthearted sure, but also cynical.)

Let’s pause for just a moment and think what is being described when they people ”stormed” the capitol building. A mad rush, frenzied activity, and a near-violent overtaking of a location seem to be the ways the picture is being painted.

Not…people standing around, calmly milling about and chanting.

But hey, cannot let video of calm people not committing a single act of violence derail the narrative of ”gun-toting terrorists stormed the state capital!!!”

And so it continued with the blue-check hysteria. Funny thing about all of these claims of ‘Storming” taking place — there was never any evidence given to show this was the case.

Now just you wait a moment Katelyn; you are trying to suggest that people bringing guns into a building where it was legal to bring guns did so legally. They are terrorists! THEY STORMED THE BUILDING!!!!

Well…after they filed in calmly, and after they submitted to a temperature check by authorities.

Wait — what was that? That is correct. As reported by WOOD Channel 8 News police allowed a small amount of the protestors into the rotunda, restricting how many could enter, and performing temperature checks on those entering the building.

While hundreds of people were in line to go in, fewer than 300 were allowed. Michigan State Police and Capitol Police blocked protesters from getting inside the chambers, keeping the group inside the rotunda. Some were allowed onto the gallery, looking down at the Senate floor. 

And yes, they checked for fevers.

As the protest moved inside, authorities took the temperature of protesters.

Being granted permission to enter in a limited amount, after waiting to have their temperature checked, now constitutes as ”storming” in the minds of our media complex.

Were we petty and shallow types here on this site we might point out that it sure appears the press saw the protest and pounced on the chance to call it a ”storming” of the capitol. It is probably a result of all of their anger.