The New York Times came out with a story that seems to show a dose of political influence being injected into the race to find a cure for the coronavirus. A Dr. Rick Bright stated he was taken off of the research division he had been a part of, demoted effectively as he says, due to opposing the use of the drug promoted by President Trump.

It is the kind of story that has the press salivating; viral drama, opposition to the president, and denigrating the supposed solution to the problem. There was no way for them to resist. Jake tapper produced a lengthy thread detailing Dr. Bright’s plight.

After his thread, Tapper capped it off with this stinger.

Untested. Jake is merely repeating the narrative of the press, ignorant of the reported details of hydroxychloroquine. It has been on the market since the 1950s, and it has even been applied to other solutions beyond malaria, with over a dozen off label applications. To call it ”untested” is to show absolutely zero curiosity about the drug.

There also seems to be a lack of curiosity about Dr. Bright’s claims. A story that seems to fit perfectly into your preconceived mindset usually will fall apart. The press in their rush to scorch Trump passed up the details. The first tell — Dr. Bright was stressing the political aspect.

Of course, his opposing a drug on the market for over 60 years on the basis of it being ”unproven”, simply because it is touted by the president, is a bit suspect. So is the fact that not only has Dr. Bright already lawyered up but his choice of representation is rather revealing.

Yes, that would be the D.C.-BASED law firm Katz, Marshall & Banks. And there is an additional detail to the story that was not exactly made prominent.

But more than that, even his work on the immediate crisis seems to reveal a lack of action that is more than justified for a removal. From Politico–

It is starting to appear that maybe he was accurate about politics playing a key role in his demotion. All of the decisions by this Obama-era appointee appear to have been political in nature.