Nothing exposes the vacancy of an accusation better than when you need to manufacture proof of what is supposedly happening. The entire whistleblower controversy consuming Washington has been a fiasco of wild claims and tepid evidence, and the reliance on insisting items are in the transcript that do not appear has been stark.

Adam Schiff has been particularly exposed in this regard. After long and loud days of insisting the quid pro quo was the worst possible act by President Trump Schiff looked meek once the transcript was released, suddenly stating a quid pro quo was not so much an important component. Then Schiff went full-on conspiracy buff when in a live hearing he infamously quoted lines from the transcript that do not appear anywhere therein.

While he eventually came up with an explanation that what he delivered was ‘parody’ (which has WHAT place in a serious hearing) what has been revealing is how little anyone in supposedly important circles was at all bothered by his performance. At the DNC they thought it was hilarious, in fact.

Ha ha ha! Telling lies in an official hearing to own the cons!

This brings up a question — considering he called it parody has Snopes done its job in debunking it? (Serious question, as we do not read Snopes…)

One sign that there is a coordinated fix in all of this is the complete avoidance by the media in covering Schiff’s antics. One way you know he screwed up is this sign of journalists refusing to mention what happened.

Most are aware of the media helping to push the narrative of the Democrats, but on the flip side is the journalism complex also smothering news that would expose the Dems in a negative light.

So we are now in the cycle that bringing down the President is so important that facts and truth are not important. Yea, things are just going wonderfully over there on the left…