With any fantasy cultural product you are going to get a fanbase with an overly compulsive interest in the realm with which they have become enamored. However it has to be asked just how immersive in said universe those fans need to be.

The J.K. Rowling publishing affiliated website “Pottermore” decided that for National Trivia Day it would participate, with some previously unknown details from the Potter canon. When it comes to unimportant and obscure facts, we can safely say the site over-delivered.

There are certain dungeons that need not be illuminated. We guess now that few fans will be rushing out to re-read “Harry Potter And The Chamber-Pot-Of-Secrets”!

Many of the Muggles were unimpressed.

The Hogwarts alumni were less than impressed with this particular history lesson.

And of course, the hardcore devotees had to take things seriously — and take it to the extreme.

Seriously, you are overthinking this – and that arrives by thinking about it at all.

In general a most simple spell of flight from this “trivia” is called for.