What in the fresh hell are “enhanced” background checks? No such thing exists. Care to explain to us what exactly that entails? Because it seems like a better idea would be to fix the current background check system we DO have in place.

Juvenile Assault Weapons Ban? Are you pulling things out of your tush, Geraldo?

Starting to think you threw every gun-related phrase you know of into one tweet just to seem like you know what you’re talking about…when you really don’t.

Do you know what an “assault weapon” truly is, Larry? Please, define it for us.


HA! The day that happens will be the day that pigs fly.

At least gun owners swooped in to educate this poor man.

Why are we blaming the gun and not the FBI for dropping the ball?

Because it makes TOTAL sense to punish those who follow the laws with…more laws.

Then there’s the machine gun debacle…

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