Quick question: How many of the celebrities at the Golden Globes approve of President Obama and his ongoing plan to restrict your rights under the 2nd Amendment? We know this one does:

We only ask because Schumer and the other Obama-voting celebrities in attendance are only able to gather in safety thanks to good guys with guns:


Even “Rambo” was there:

Hypocrites. They get machine guns; you get Obama’s executive actions.



  • D H

    K-9 Rambo – Best looking Celeb to walk the red carpet tonight

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      He should have left them a nice sized “message”.

      • Arttie the Deplorable

        If Kankles had been there, Rambo could have given one of the tree trunks a Chris Mathews golden shower tingle.

      • Donald York

        Lincoln logs?

    • GonetoCarolina

      And not one smidgen of botox!

    • grais

      probably the smartest one, too.

    • MarieJ27

      I thought it was the police dog.


      K-9 should have pissed on all their legs for pulling him from protecting citizens who actually mean something.

  • lesterwink23

    Nice to see Hollywood and D.C. are still slugging it out for the “Epicenter of Mind-Blowing Hypocrisy” title in this great country of ours

    • oldshortfatboy

      They do get points for consistency.

    • DeplorableMessMan ✔ JesseMessy

      Yes, but why are the police getting involved? As tweeted by Robert Kovacik, “the Beverly Hills P.D. tells (him there’s) extra security this year; (the BHPD) ramped it up”. “Ramped up” WHAT, it makes me wonder, since I never noticed police (let alone SWAT) at award-shows. This has to be grandstanding by BevHills’ Mayor Julian Gold (of unidentified party-persuasion) and by GovMoonBeam insofar as [1] Misusing the police as armed bodyguards since other cities use the PD as BLM-security) AND [2] making a show of “protecting” celebrities in case the NRA an ISIS militant comes shooting again.

  • Donald-Now 3x as Deplorable

    What’s right and proper for MEEEE is not ever allowed for thee. Left wing logic 101.

  • Stephen

    Yea but they movies… and stuff.

  • Marjorie

    The one place we really don’t care about has armed guards and dogs (love the dogs).

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    I hope they got billed for the expense of that security. Not ONE taxpayer PENNY for added security for this kind of crap.

  • alanstorm

    They’re not hypocrites, just…flexibly principled.

    • KHSoldier(Ret)&Writer

      Flexibly Unprincipled…..

  • unknown

    Really? Is anyone surprised?

  • spiritof76

    LOL< I love it…. but still hate hollywood.

    • John Wirts

      I say that hypercritical Hollywood and the video game industry, should be required to ban all weapons and violence from their movies and video games. The military has legitimate use for combat videos to economically train its Solders, Sailors, Marines and Airmen. Any other use especially for entertainment should definitely be banned especially if “Guns are so dangerous and ought to be banned”. Perhaps we ought to take a closer look at cars, cars kill more people every year then guns.Should we demand 25 mph speed limit,s, or ban 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, 12 cylinder, and 16 cylinder engines in cars? Like high capacity “clips” as the left likes to call them.

  • Dave

    Wait, didn’t Quentin Tarantino call cops murderers? Odd that these murderers are protecting him…

    • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      They may hold him in contempt, but they’ll do their duty.

      • Paladin

        They shouldn’t have to. Police take an oath to protect and serve. They are protecting America from domestic threats, of which Tarantino is very much a domestic threat to national security.

        It is people like him that are the reason we need police.

    • Askwatch

      People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

      George Orwell

    • Smitch

      Was that bag of sh_t there?

  • Mary Mommy Happy 2017!

    What the hypocrites liberal celebrities didn’t have spare gun free zone signs to put around the award’s show?

    • Grumpy


    • The Deplorable Lord Whorfin

      Glad to see you racking up the likes!!

      • Mary Mommy Happy 2017!


  • Torcer

    So much for Hollywood being ‘anti-gun’..

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    “Hollywood! Where the ‘H’ stands for hypocrite!”

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    “We need guns our lives are important! – also you should be forced to pay for others health care, take in rapefugees, and pay for abortions.- or you’re greedy” – Hollywood Liberals.

  • surfdog

    I guess somebody is not ” contained “

  • CombatDiver

    Weird, I didnt see one machine gun. Guess I’m having a PTSD and/or TBI moment.

    • VerminMcCann

      Yep. Unfortunately, I’d already gone through and correct-tweeted all the celebs before I saw that Twitchy was calling them that too.

      • CombatDiver

        That’s like looking at a volvo and tweeting you are looking at a Ferrari. All my years in the military has jaded me when it comes to that kinda stuff. Its the main reason my family hates watching war movies and in general, any movie with guns.

        • VerminMcCann


          • CombatDiver

            1997-2001 Marine Corps
            2004-2015 Army

          • VerminMcCann


            1998-2002 USMC
            2002-2010 USNr (As Corpsman in a USMC rifle company)

          • CombatDiver

            I was at LeJeune with 2nd LAR (0313) and then with 3/2 (0311) when I got out.

            Semper Fi Marine.

          • VerminMcCann

            3/2? I was there from early 2001 to July 2002. Lima Co.

            Semper Fi, Betio Bastard.

    • The_Kat ✓vilified

      I was wondering if I was the only one noticing that. I guess when law enforcement carries scary guns they go from “assault” to “machine guns”.

      • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

        Over in the Philippines, there are people with rifles or shotguns (can’t figure the guns out, myself) guarding practically every entrance to every mall.

    • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

      Yep, not a single machine gun on the premises. And it’s these clowns who know nothing about firearms who get to decide what is safe and what isn’t. But there is a very, very long list of things they know nothing about but are the only ones capable of legislating it out of existence for your safety. Lead fishing sinkers, jarts, etc.

    • Deplorable Nigel Pinchley

      To these people every firearm is either a “machine gun” an “AK47” or an “AK47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle With a Thing That Goes Up.”

      • cjohnson44546

        Sometimes they are Glocks or Assault Rifle AR-15s

        • Deplorable Nigel Pinchley

          Ah, yes! The Assault Rifle AR-15. It also looks completely badass when you add a thing that goes up. And isn’t every semiauto pistol a Glock? Like the Colt Glock, the Ruger Glock and the S&W Glock. And the deadly Glock Glockenspiel (pictured).

  • D_Allen

    Carbon spewing traffic jams, more firepower than an NRA rally, and onstage racial animus…..hooray for Hollywood hypocrites…..

    • Arttie the Deplorable

      This time they can’t blame Barry.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    “Amy Schumer was born on June 1, 1981 in Manhattan, New York City, New
    York, USA as Amy Beth Schumer. She is a… …Trainwreck”

    From IMDB, sometimes they make it too easy.

    Removed words: “writer and actress, known for”

  • Snowblind

    This is anti-gun Rob Lowe.
    Don’t be like anti-gun Rob Lowe

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Anti-gun Rob Lowe asks the neighbor’s 4 year old to open the jar.

    • SuzeTX

      Lowe is a conservative and I’m pretty sure he supports 2A. His name was not on the list of liberals’ letter to Obama praising his unconstitutional actions.


      • Snowblind


  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ
    • Maryland_Malcontent

      Whoa..that just looks weird.

  • drw

    Not only guns but, (gasp) riot gear and (swoon) armored vehicles. I thought police departments with all that stuff were supposed to be like, all racist and shit. I’m waiting on all the blowback from the blm crowd.
    Still waiting.
    Wait, what’s that? Sounds like crickets…

  • roccolore

    Happens at every celebrity event.

  • Indiana Mike

    How many of these “scary looking” guards armed with scary looking rifles are muslims do you think??With all the Hollywood Jews and Homo’s there, the correct answer would be; NONE..But keep up the Virtue Signaling, you Leftist scumbags.

  • wrestlefan01

    also a note..those evil killer cops those liberal celebs hate these days were the ones there to protect them with scary guns..it was like a double whammy

    • rainman

      I’m sure they were annoyed by it. So unnecessary. After all, everyone loves them. This is just fear mongering by neocons.

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    I’m trying to figure out what terrorist would target Hollywood. Wait, was Sean Penn there?

  • Arttie the Deplorable

    And tomorrow Twitchy is going to be wall to wall golden Globe drivel.

  • Bruce

    Cowardly, pussilanimous hypocrites. Shameless drains on the taxpayer. To think that we actually pay to watch these pathetic pi$$ants…until we start boycotting Hollywood, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • tjp77

    Boy, for people who hate cops, hate guns, and want us to believe that ISIS isn’t a threat, they sure do have a lot of heavily armed anti-terror police to protect them!

  • Seriously?

    They worship Che: a pedophile, mass-murderer, and coward who pissed himself before his execution. What more do you expect from these people?

  • JohnFLob

    Are the “Golden Globes” just yellow snow balls?

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com/ FreedomRecon

    Aren’t they cute. Can those of us that can’t afford it get taxpayer funded armed protection? It is after all a right.

    • prado4587

      Hollyweird are hypocrites for being protected from gunowners with poor conflict resolution skills or poor emotional control

      • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

        Having never had a logical thought in his life, prado is so illogical he can’t even spell it.

    • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

      Us peons aren’t worthy enough. Only the elite matter.

  • andycanuck

    Machine-guns? Aren’t those the Assault Derringers that Rolling Stone warned us about?

    • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

      Derringer is such a big word, you KNOW the gun has to be huge!
      – Rolling Stone

      • MarciaTheMurkyMuse🌠 Variegated

        Worse still, Philadelphia Derringer.

        • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

          So much huger and more dangerouser than, say, a Colt 1911. Nothing built in 1911 is as dangerous as what’s built today.

          • thale_taxurfeet ♂ Vilified

            “Aren’t those the Assault Derringers that Rolling Stone warned us about?”

            “Derringer is such a big word, you KNOW the gun has to be huge!
            – Rolling Stone”

            Assault Derringer…

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Machine guns? I didn’t see any.

    • Seriously?

      A machine gun is simply one that fires more than one round per trigger pull. They look exactly like a semi-automatic.

      • Michelle ✓classified


        • Seriously?

          Yes. My father was a decorated combat veteran in Korea. He was a machine gunner. I know what machine guns are.

          • VerminMcCann

            No, they’re sometimes misidefined that way, but not all fully automatic weapons are machine guns.

          • Seriously?

            Machine gun, sub-machine gun. They all operate the same. Get an Ingram and let me know it works out with the ATFE. Let me know how many years you get.

          • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

            M16A1 is NOT a machine gun. You ARE an idiot.

          • Seriously?

            Tell me how many years you get. Tell the feds and ATF that it is not a “real machine gun.” Call me after your mandatory minimum.

          • VerminMcCann

            Now you’re even farther off than before.

          • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

            My father worked on the replacement bay bridge down in Florida after a ship broke the other one. I know everything there is to know about building bay bridges.

            My former sister-in-law was an RN in Prague before moving to the US and becoming an RN here. I know everything there is to know about nursing in Communist countries.

            My brother is a tenured English Professor in a state university. I know everything there is to know about Eric Blair and Samuel Clemens.

            As an 89 Chem in the 3rd Armored Cav and a prison guard in northern Iraq, my daughter faced many Islamic Terrorists. I know everything there is to know about running a military prison.

          • Seriously?

            I’m sorry. You have made an assumption. I have shot every type of machine gun. Just so you know, I loaded match ammunition for the Army, and sniper ammunition for the Marines. I was out shooting Marines when I was 12. Have fun.

          • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

            I have not fired from the 500 meter line since the 80s and I can guarantee you that I can outshoot you today.

          • Seriously?

            Have fun. I have forgotten more about ammunition than you will ever know. How about a half-inch 10 shot grouping at 100 yards with .30 cal.?

          • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

            You seem to have forgotten everything about firearms, too.

          • Seriously?

            Can you do a half-inch 10 shot grouping at 100 yards? You can’t, because you need very good ammunition. Can you load it? Do you know how?

          • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

            It’s highly doubtful you would even know the business end of a LAAW, or how to qual with a SAW. But you go on playing Internet Rambo with your First Person Shooter games.

          • Seriously?

            It seems that you ran off to the military to try and become a man. I’m sorry for your failure. I just never play first person shooters. It seems a waste, but please continue.

          • Michael the white suburbanite

            you were out shooting Marines?

          • Seriously?

            Yes, I am a “son of the old man.”

          • Seriously?

            If you don’t know the old man, then you know nothing.

          • Seriously?

            My parents owned an ammunition factory. They were selling millions of rounds to the DOD, DOE, and every law enforcement agency in the SW. Come play with me.

          • Michael the white suburbanite

            I don’t think so, if you were out shooting Marines?

          • Seriously?

            How do you think sniper ammunition is designed?

          • Seriously?

            It is not only the skill of the shooter: it is the quality of the ammunition. Tell me, can you load .30 cal. that can produce a half-inch 10 round grouping at 100 yards? If you don’t know how, then go back to your fetish magazines.

          • Seriously?

            Do you even know how sniper ammunition is designed? It is a very precise process. It is a mixture of casings, primers, powder, and bullets matched to the rifle.

          • VerminMcCann


          • Seriously?

            Take your unregistered full-auto to the ATF, then let me know how many years you get in federal prison.

          • VerminMcCann

            I don’t own any. Thanks.

          • Seriously?

            Yet here you are. You are trying to lecture someone whose father owned numerous machine guns (all legally registered with the tax stamp.)

          • VerminMcCann

            No one cares what your dad said, did, sucked, or owned. Not all fully-automatic weapons are machine guns. If you think they are, you’re irredeemably ignorant.

          • Seriously?

            Tell me how many years you get.

          • VerminMcCann

            For what?

          • Seriously?

            You want to play word games. Tell me how many years. Tell the ATF that your full-auto is not “actually” a machine gun. Tell me how many years you get.

          • Seriously?

            What? You have never owned a fully-automatic gun? Take one to the ATF and tell them it is not an “actual machine gun” let me know how many years you get.

          • VerminMcCann

            I’ve been issued many of them, but never owned one. None of which is remotely relevant to the fact that not all fully-automatic weapons are machine guns.

          • Seriously?

            Tell me how many years you get for having an unregistered “not a machine gun.” You will get the same mandatory minimum despite what you choose to call it.

          • VerminMcCann

            Whether or not possession of a given item results in prison is not what determines whether it is a machine gun, you tool.

          • Seriously?

            Oh my. There was a lesson given by Abraham Lincoln. You have a dog with 4 legs. You call his tail a leg. How many legs does he have?

          • VerminMcCann

            You seem to have missed the point.

          • Seriously?

            Are you saying that a Tommy gun, Uzi, or Ingram are not machine guns? They all function the same as a Browning .30 or .50 cal. They are all machine guns.

          • VerminMcCann


          • Seriously?

            They are the same. Tell me, how many years you get for not having a “real machine gun?”

          • VerminMcCann

            That question is 100% irrelevant. Also really stupid.

          • VerminMcCann

            But even if they were machine guns, that would in no way support your point. All poodles are dogs; but not all dogs are poodles. All machine guns are fully automatic weapons; not all fully automatic weapons are machine guns.

            How to use simple logical disjuncts to avoid making a ass of yourself. Neat, huh?

          • Seriously?

            You don’t know what a machine gun is. Tell me how many years you get.

          • VerminMcCann

            Yes, yes I do.

          • VerminMcCann


            sub·ma·chine gun (sŭb′mə-shēn′)
            A lightweight automatic gun that shoots pistol ammunition, is usually fired from the shoulder or hip, and often has the capacity for shooting single rounds.

          • VerminMcCann

            Yes, but “how many years!?” will the dictionary get for knowing what words mean?! Derp!

          • Seriously?

            Have fun. Some people know the law.

          • VerminMcCann

            The law is not relevant.

          • Seriously?

            There are over 300 million Americans they all have an individual believe in what “justice” is? The law is the only thing that connects people. Do you even know what a government is?

          • VerminMcCann

            Is English a second language for you?

          • Seriously?

            That is your reply? How sad. You have no understanding of the law, no understanding of definitions used by the government, yet you pose and prance as someone who does. Tell me about the NFA. Want to walk into a federal prosecutors office with you claim of “its not a real machine gun.”

          • VerminMcCann

            Notice that the “Definitions” section of the NFA begins with “For purposes of this chapter”? Why do you suppose that is? Do you think that the NFA redefined “machine gun” for purposes other than The Act? If someone posted a picture of a single part intended for conversion of say, a Glock, to a fully automatic weapon with the caption “Look at this machine gun I found,” would you defend their characterization and babble on like a mental patient, demanding to know how many years anyone who disagreed would get for some imaginary act?

          • Seriously?

            Law is all about definitions. Don’t you know what government is?

          • VerminMcCann

            He said, not having a substantive response to the issue raised.

          • VerminMcCann

            Hey, Tool Box, come back and pick up your teeth.

          • Seriously?

            You will receive a mandatory federal prison sentence, regardless of what you chose to call a “machine-gun, or sub-machine gun, or a fully automatic rifle.”

          • VerminMcCann

            Which is 100 percent irrelevant to the issue we’re discussing.

          • VerminMcCann

            And why would I receive prison time?

          • Seriously?

            Unless it is properly registered, you will get the mandatory minimum. You don’t even have to have a functional “machine gun.” Just possessing the receiver with no other parts is trouble. You can have thousands of parts, but you cant have an unregistered receiver, even if it has been dewated.

          • VerminMcCann

            None of which is even remotely relevant to the issue at hand.

          • VerminMcCann

            And, unless what is properly registered?

          • Seriously?

            I stated it in the prior post. The receiver is the only thing that will get you into trouble. Do you even know what a receiver is?

          • VerminMcCann

            Which receiver, and what does it have to do with me?

          • Seriously?

            Oh good grief. You don’t even know what a receiver is, yet you want to engage in semantics. Please let your ignorance take you out of society for a long time.

          • VerminMcCann

            When did I indicate that I don’t know what a receiver is? You know I used to be a machine gunner, right?

          • Seriously?

            Oh my, an 18 teen year old. Who joined the military to be a man. The receiver is what gets you into trouble. It is what houses all the components for a “machine-gun.” Please, go on with your adolescent rants.

          • VerminMcCann

            You are incredibly bad at thinking and wrong about literally everything you’ve written (and a very bad writer).

          • VerminMcCann

            You think the fact that I used to be a machine gunner means I’m 18?

          • VerminMcCann

            Here, inter alia, is how “Machine Gun” is defined in the NFA:

            “any part designed and intended solely and exclusively, or combination of parts designed and intended, for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun, and any combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled if such parts are in the possession or under the control of a person.”


          • Seriously?

            You can’t get in trouble unless you have a receiver. It is one of those “technicalities” in law.

          • VerminMcCann
          • Seriously?

            When you have argued and won in front of federal judges, then maybe I’ll take anything you say seriously. Go back to your semantics.

          • VerminMcCann

            Oh for God’s sake.

          • Seriously?

            Unless you have the ability to make a full auto, they cant convict you of anything. Components and parts are just that, they mean nothing. You have to be able to modify a gun to be full-auto. If you don’t have a receiver that can be modified, then all you have are pieces of metal. It is the same concept that a convicted felon can own as much brass, and bullets in the world. He simply can’t own powder or primers.

          • VerminMcCann

            None of that is even relevant to your red herring, which itself was 100% irrelevant.

          • Seriously?

            You have used the NFA to defeat your own argument. Yet here you are an 18 teen year old wanting to be a man. Go back to your semantics. They are always amusing.

          • VerminMcCann

            Not true.

          • VerminMcCann

            I have, in fact, pointed out that the NFA is 100% irrelevant to the issue and repeatedly exposed your gaping-mouthed ignorance of both.

          • VerminMcCann

            And you do know that “18 teen” is redundant, right?

          • VerminMcCann

            Hey, remember that time you claimed that all fully-automatic weapons are machine guns?

            Boy, was that ever stupid.

          • Seriously?

            All fully-automatic guns are machine guns. You might call some machine-guns, others sub-machine-guns, and still others machine-pistols. You get the same penalty for each, please keep playing semantics.

          • VerminMcCann

            “All fully-automatic guns are machine guns.”

            Still not true.

          • VerminMcCann

            “You get the same penalty for each”

            Still not relevant.

          • VerminMcCann

            And then you kept carrying on about prison time, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with anything?

          • VerminMcCann

            But only after you’d carried on about your parents’ ammunition factory, as if that had something to do with anything?

            Wow, that must have been really embarrassing.

          • VerminMcCann

            And then you revealed you astonishing ignorance of firearms law?

          • VerminMcCann

            You can’t validly accuse your opponent of making a semantic argument when the meaning of a term is the issue.

          • VerminMcCann

            Incidentally, I have argued and won in Federal cases.

          • Seriously?

            That’s great. What bar did you pass?

          • VerminMcCann

            How did you finally manage to get your head out of that toilet anyway?

          • Seriously?

            Wow, Missouri. That is so impressive. I don’t need an underage boy talking out of his arse. Tell me do you get the same penalty? And, how does a plaintiff or prosecutor win a case? The answer is vital do any defense attorney.

          • VerminMcCann

            …He wrote, STILL having nothing of substance to say.

          • VerminMcCann

            You know, if you weren’t full of shit, you wouldn’t have to resort to red herrings and making things up.

          • VerminMcCann

            And why, in the name of God, would I have the slightest interest in impressing you?

          • Seriously?

            Couldn’t care less. You have nothing to impress with. This discussion is over. There is nothing left. But, if you want to try and impress, give me your bar number.

          • VerminMcCann

            Fine. Post your home address and I’ll mail it to you.

          • Seriously?

            Not taking that bait. You are far too unstable.

          • VerminMcCann

            Nah, it’s fine. If you’d like, I’ll also send you a transcript of this exchange, just in case you want a hard copy reminder of what a ridiculous tool you are.

          • Seriously?

            Yeah because tools are always telling people how to stay out of trouble. You seem to be a typical greedy lawyer who wants to get into fights to drain your client’s bank accounts.

          • VerminMcCann

            Neat, we’ll just add that to your ever-growing list of completely nonsensical assertions.

          • VerminMcCann

            And how exactly do you allege you’re keeping me out of trouble?

          • VerminMcCann

            Also, that’s not relevant.

          • VerminMcCann

            Do you ever get tired of being wrong about literally everything you write? Or, do you know you’re wrong and are simply trolling?

          • VerminMcCann

            Also, you’re incredibly misinformed. It is not true that the receiver is the only thing that will get you in trouble.

          • VerminMcCann

            And, no, they do not all function the same.

          • Michelle ✓classified


        • Creepermoss

          Your chain of blatantly sarcastic posts, followed by mr “Seriously” just not getting any of it, made my day. Thanks for the laugh!

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Cracked me up as well. Always happy to cause a laugh. 🙂

  • Seriously?

    Well that wasn’t nice. Why delete a post accurately describing Che? Was it just too accurate? Does the Twitchy staff have an issue with describing Che?

  • Misanthrope

    Hypocrisy is the essence of leftism.

  • http://o.com CaptDMO

    Wait…isn’t the awards ceremony a gun free zone?
    problem solved.

  • http://www.postlinearity.com gregorylent

    usa is insane with fear

    • Michelle ✓classified

      No we’re not. Some are, most aren’t. What state do ya live in?

    • Knight64

      We’re not fearful; we’re prepared. If one is prepared; they have nothing to fear.

    • Deplorable Nigel Pinchley

      You’re just afraid of the U.S. Project much?

  • gregzotta

    Here is a question that should have been asked of
    Hussein Obama at the bogus town hall on gun control: “Hussein Obama, you claim
    to be a “Constitutional” scholar, are you familiar with the concept of
    “Separation of Powers” or were you asleep during that class?

    • Andrew Curlutu

      Oh, he;’s familiar, he just doesn’t care. Why should he, when the Gutless Old Pansies run by Lyin’ Ryan are his tepid opposition? Ryan hit the ground running giving away the store just like his predecessor, :”Weepy” B***r.

  • SupplyGuy

    Not sure what they’re worried about. Hollywood is ISIS’ biggest supporter here.

  • Dr Why

    I don’t like dogs but I love that dog smiling for the camera.

  • Maryland_Malcontent

    The only time people so outfitted and such equipment should be out like that in a US city is if they’re actors and props in a movie being filmed. 🙁

  • MLCross

    Armored vehicle? I thought all of the “military” equipment wasn’t cool for police departments to have anymore.
    Oh, not Hollywood or Beverly Hills? That’s strange. I wonder why.

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS! – Bullet2354

    Machine guns for your protection??

    Who did you piss off?

    • Don Reed

      Movie ticket buyers.

  • teapartydoc

    One way to shut up these pigs is to make personal safety personal. If you are going to have firearms protection, you have to carry it yourself, or go without. No more intimidating your peers with a mess of armed thugs.

    • Deplorable Nigel Pinchley

      While I agree with the first part of your post I would point out that the people you see with firearms are police officers – not “armed thugs.”

  • Shoeless Joe

    I just don’t think that I need to be lectured by intellectually challenged celebrities who only got halfway through the GED’s
    Leo Lectures about some kind of homage to Native Peoples in Reverent.
    The movie is not about that. It is about survival. and revenge.

  • EnoughIsEnough

    Over 100 Hollywood hypocrites signed a letter praising Obama’s EO on gun control. Here is a link to read it and see who signed it: http://www.enoughletter.com

    I must admit, I have never heard of half of them.

    • Alexxthegreat

      Neither have I…..

  • NannoH

    Well, isn’t this rich! Such f-ing elitist liberal hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Disarm the Secret Service.

  • GrimmCreeper

    The extra firepower couldn’t have been there as a precaution against any non Islamic threat.

  • bifski

    good for me….not for thee

  • TonyDanzig

    So, “militarized” police were fine and dandy in this instance?

  • Magnifico

    I think my life is worth more than Amy Schumer’s…..just an opinion.

  • Roscoe

    It’s all for show. You know their narrative – “too many guns, gun owners are violent, blah, blah, blah.”

  • Frogmouth

    “Machine guns”?

    They look like regular, run-of-the-mill semi-automatic rifles to me.

    • cjohnson44546

      Many police forces have fully-auto versions… but those still aren’t machine guns. Most people don’t know the difference.

      • Frogmouth

        In an age where the sum total of human knowledge is available with the touch of a few buttons…on a device most of them have on their persons 24/7…ignorance is a choice.

  • HiltonHead_Dude

    As usual the Hollywood tells their fans to go without, while they have everything in excess. Be it private jets for flying, limos and hummed for driving, or armed men and women for security.

    But for us, for the good of the planet, we get subways, busses, and a baseball bat for security.

    Happy times.

  • Duane Savage

    They aren’t against guns per se, they’re against the little people having guns.

  • ElfPool Stormtrooper

    Got to love double standards

  • ThomasOfKC

    They must believe we Christians are going to attack them, because they keep insisting that Islam is the religion of peace.

  • constitutionminded

    They make movies with extreme gun violence then have the nerve to tell us we shouldn’t own guns because we are dangerous. These prim a donas are really pathetic. The h*ll with them and their lame movies.

  • Richard Nightwood

    Those guards have eco-friendly guns which shoot free-range bullets and utilize gunpowder which is milled by people who earn a living wage of $15.43 per hour, so no hypocrisy.

  • MrJest

    This looks to be a private security firm; highly doubtful there was a machine gun anywhere near the site. Ordinary semi-autos only.

    • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

      If it has a pistol grip, a 30 “magazine clip”, a carrying handle (that you never use for carrying it), then it’s a machine gun. And I have some orange rubber bullets with plastic cord attached so I can fire 2 at a time.

      • MrJest

        Wait, what?!? You mean I’ve been sticking BULLETS in my ears all this time?!? :-p

      • freeinaz

        Don’t forget about having a bayonet lug too. Scary guns must be banned – progressive logic

      • cjohnson44546

        They are glock assault tactical machine guns even!

  • motoguzzi

    I guess if you can afford a $30,000 a plate fundraiser you deserve protection.

    • http://truthbeforedishonor.wordpress.com John Hitchcock

      If you’re paying 30k for a plate with barely any food on it, you are too dumb to protect yourself.

    • Harold Patterson

      So left wing Hollywood elebrities deserve protection but the rest of us don’t. Thanks for explaining that.

      • Suzyqpie

        They rest of us do deserve protection. But not like the Donor Class Spechul snowflakes of Hollywood.

  • CT

    Liberal PR drama queens stunt . No one would waste a good bullet on these liberal POS.

    Funny how they are OK making millions to billons off of moves with violence, shootings, and killings, but then profess how they are against guns while they live in gated and guarded communities.

    Ban all action movies and see how fast these liberal hypocrites change their tune. All gun shot victims should sue Hollywood for making movies that glorify shooting and killing. Hollywood is poisoning the minds of our youth.

    Ban Hollywood not guns.

  • Wootpool the Mad

    Why the heck do these guys look like they are on deployment??

    • Suzyqpie

      Because they are on deployment. They are deployed to the streets of America to protect Americans from the unknown people the government, de facto, allow into our country. The process facilities substantial growth of government which is always the goal.

  • Evie1949

    The lives of the celebrities matter more than ours? Who agrees with that one?

    • jackp_7788

      They would agree

      • Evie1949

        Okay – beyond the liberal glitterati, who agrees?

  • wharfrat

    This is reality Hollywood!!,Amy Schumer is kin to the left wing Communist Congressman Chuck Schumer who claims to want our guns taken away like Obama,but when his voters in NYC went to his office and confronted him he was scared and afraid he was going to lose his cushy job,he should, he is against America and its values, only the Democrats are like that and they need to be voted out of office.

    • Suzyqpie

      Some of the most dangerous terrain on the planet is the area between Chuck Schmer and a camera or a mic.

  • Christopher E. Stith

    So… where are the machineguns? All I see are pictures of rifles.

  • LMT556

    Machine guns, like they have a clue…

  • honestAbesurd

    Are those rent a cops? They sure are jack booted up.

  • Hoppytoo

    Fucking Ameriphobes.

  • CherDash

    They should be forbidden to have guns at the awards shows.

  • skeets11

    Wish they would stop calling every firearm a machine gun.

    • NielsZoo

      Amen… but I’ll bet not a single one is “California legal” with the “bullet button” magazine release or fixed stock or 10 round magazine or whatever other stupid things they currently require. (I can’t keep track.) Those pesky laws are only for the peons, not the henchmen tasked with protecting the idiots of the glitteratti.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/heroes-behind-the-badge/heroes-behind-badge-sacrifice-survival.html Meatzilla ✓ᴵᴿᴿᴱᴰᴱᴱᴹᴬᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    What the heck is up with those giant headsets with humongous boom mics on the Beverly Hills Police officers…?

    Are they the Gamer-Gate Security Inc. contingent…?

    30 years in Law Enforcement and I’ve never seen anything like that — especially on a Rapid Deployment Force / SWAT detail. They’re really putting on a show.

  • Donald York

    Of course these Hollywood liberal set get the best armed security, that’s where Obama and Hillary get their best support.

  • shay

    Bull—-! u r no better than anyone reading this u self centered jerks.Why is it that u who have money are “worthy” but the average family and their pets r not? u r a bunch of hypocrites along with all of your government officials–r u listening hillary and u odumba and your family?!

  • Paul

    Are these all Police or is this a mix of LE and private security?
    If any of the security is non-LE there is a legal issue with the possession of magazines able to hold more than ten rounds.
    L.A. City recently made possession by non-LE, peons like you and me, illegal even if you’re just passing through L.A. City to get to Beverly Hills. That means any private security that had standard capacity magazine in those rifles and pistols broke the law and should be arrested.
    Stupid laws have stupid consequences.

  • Gary Miller

    “… his ongoing plan to restrict your rights under the 2nd Amendment …”
    If that’s the President’s ongoing plan, he better hurry up. He has about a year left. Give this nonsense a rest.

  • Seriously?

    Well that wasn’t nice. Come on guys. A fetishist was talking crap. I only asked him to proof.

  • Len

    So celebrities need security, dogs and guns to protect them from law abiding gun owners?

  • Fr0ntSight

    Too funny.

  • MidianGTX

    How freakin’ dense are you people? There are entire countries where gun ownership is illegal, yet armed guards are still in effect. Linking legitimate security organizations with Joe Public waving his revolver around, desperately trying to look cool and claiming he’s too much of a pussy to live without his toys makes you sound like utter morons.

  • Richard Jefferies

    They don’t have anything to be afraid of. Muslim ‘radicals’ aren’t going to attack their most useful, useful idiots. Not yet anyway.

  • zeph1

    They were not hired to provide security for the event as much as they were to show those ‘regular people’ at the GGs where they exist in the rungs of society. If they tried to leave their “corral boxes” then they would’ve been treated to the best inhumane treatment the American left has to offer.

  • bo1921

    If you think these worthless people have armed security now. Let them completely take over the country and you’ll see what armed security really looks like.

  • Theresa

    OK I wanted to have a good chuckle and move on but I can’t resist. Hmmmm…reason for big uniformed guys with big semi-auto’s is because they are now having to protect US citizens form ISIS and alike who come here and get guns without proper gun control restrictions in place. Obama is NOT stepping on your second ammendment rights to go and hunt and protect your body and property at home. He is saying if you have a violent past, a criminal record involving firearms, and you are not a legal citizen of the US you will be stopped from owning , carry or use a gun. END OF STORY. Hmmm so let’s repeat, big good guys here with big ass guns now needed to protect US citizens almost everywhere now from bad ass guys with bad ass guns. I am not the biggest fan of the NRA because of their phanatic nature. Any phanatic about anything or any cause is a little questionable. Just means you are not open to others opinions. However I believe people do have a right to protect themselves and if they want to eat some venison sure thing. And your saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is absolutely right….. so keep the guns out of the really bad people’s hands all the while feeling safe at home and go kill Bambi this weekend for the sport of it. This is the real and only issue.

    • Ellis

      Not for hunting.

  • HandsOffOurFreedoms

    The K-9 is a hell of a lot smarter than the other attendees. He should’a snapped off a few ankles when he had the opportunity. Good boy!

  • Damned_Right

    Law enforcement presence to protect the people from gun-nuts.

  • Damned_Right

    Don’t worry, knuckledraggers. There won’t be a black president for you all to get your undies all in a bunch over here in just a year.. Christ, you might just go fucking nuts over not having anyone to hate so much as you do him and Liberals. What the hell you all gonna do when you have to become civilized again? Will you even remember how?

  • smiavs

    They wouldn’t need them if crazies like you people weren’t allowed to have them….

  • LazyReader

    “Come on……….I’m Rob Lowe”

  • Sophie Maele

    Sean Penn is anti-gun for everyone except his buddy El Chapo.

  • jim

    It’s simple, they believe that you’re either wealthy enough to have your own security, or you live on government subsidized security (also known as police). Much like healthcare, retirement, and other “progressive” welfare agenda items.

  • Darwin_Lakota

    In a police state, only the police have guns.

  • http://rumcrook.wordpress.com/ rumcrook™

    The gun free zones the elites demand, are always for the other guy.

  • sally333

    I don’t think they are hypocrites! These guards are trained in the use of weaponry whereas many gun owners are not!

  • Mr. Dave-O Bean ✓Grumpyfied

    They were armed guards and snipers, it wasn’t like the celebs were carrying the guns themselves lol. Though it’s a scary thought to think that this could be our very near future, if it isn’t already here

  • Frederico

    Hollywood is just looking out for The Little Guy, you Rubes! Those brave men with -um guns- were there to make sure no fans were hit by errant bullets. You will notice they ALSO had bullet proof vests on so they could fly in front of them there errant bullets. Get real, y’all. 😉

  • John Wirts

    I say require ALL ANTI GUNNERS to surrender all their guns

    Revoke their CCW permits, and prohibit them from hiring, or being assigned armed security! This would apply to all American politicians from the president to the city councils. The Secret Service and Congressional Security Police would be disbanded, and merged into law enforcement agencies. Further anyone belonging to or supporting organizations who advocate banning, confiscating, and/or destroying private firearms, and outlawing carrying firearms. Should have their “right” to own or carry revoked,and be denied any “right” to hire or be assigned armed security! Further prohibit introducing any anti gun legislation unless and until ALL FIREARMS LAWS ARE FULLY FUNDED AND ENFORCED FOR EVERYONE EQUALLY, OR REPEALED!!! Let’s see if anti-gunners have the courage of their convictions then!

  • Sally

    Call and join the group that wants the average citizen to have the same protection as the elite. Call 877-NRA-2000 and for as little as $25 a year you can be a member of the NRA for a year. Remember the Billionaires and movie stars think you should not own a gun to defend yourself. They are trying to set up a system where only they will be allowed to be armed and the average citizen will just have to be victims. Get all friends and family to join the NRA also.

  • Jim Greaves

    Remember the 1968 Democrat Convention, when all the anti-gun liberals demonstrated outside the venue? Some even sat in windows and threw bags of shi-ite at the cops. Those anti-gun demonstrators and their cohorts inside the hall are now the mainstream of the Democrat Party Machine – and their lobbyists and supporters among the elite and celebrated. Wonder how many of those celebrants actually put their lives on the line for anything other than another “acting gig”.

  • Henry Bevis