Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis was in Las Vegas, Nevada, over the weekend on his “Florida Blueprint” tour. During his speech, he couldn’t help but draw attention to one particular component of the Florida Blueprint: the total domination of the Republican Party.


Former U.S. Representative from Florida Debbie Mucarsel-Powell heard that and was struck by the obvious parallels between DeSantis and late Marxist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It couldn’t be more obvious now that they’re pretty much the same person, you see:

Fidel Castro ruled over Cuba with an iron fist and no party to oppose him. Ron DeSantis governs Florida and the Democratic Party was on the ballot in statewide elections and voters overwhelmingly rejected it.

Obviously Florida is turning into communist Cuba as we speak. If Debbie hadn’t pointed it out to us, we might never would’ve put two and two together!

In so, so many ways. Let us count some of them, shall we?

Certainly not while Castro was bangin’.

And do we really want to go there as far as one-party domination amounting to statewide dictatorship? Because …

That would certainly be a good start.

That doesn’t make Florida a dictatorship, Debbie. It just makes it red.


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