Dammit! Will Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reign of terror never end? Just look at this, guys.

Now he’s abolishing sales taxe on stuff people actually need that costs a lot of money. The nerve:

What a monster. Doesn’t he know that if he gets rid of taxes for things like baby necessities, voters might appreciate being able to keep more of their money in Joe Biden’s economy, and that could screw up the Democrats’ plans to take more of people’s money? Talk about inconsiderate! He’s not even thinking about how this will affect Democrats; he’s just thinking about what Florida families need.

Seriously, this is a great move on DeSantis’ part. Yes, it’s politically strategic, but it’s also just plain common sense. Raising kids is difficult enough without inflation to worry about. Scrapping taxes for expensive items could be the difference between being able to afford chicken and having to eat cereal for dinner again.

A lot of Florida parents will like. They will like very much.

So … how are all the libs (and The Lincoln Project and The Bulwark and Donald Trump) going to use this against DeSantis? “Fewer ridiculous sales taxes on baby stuff might make people feel good about having babies, which would really hurt the abortion business”? Maybe if they put all their heads together, they’ll come up with something good.

And Ron DeSantis will just keep steamrolling them.



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