Andrew Cuomo is making the media rounds, thanks to the MSM actually thinking he’s got moral and scientific legs to stand on when it comes to the COVID19 pandemic.

In addition to telling George Stephanopoulos that Americans should be skeptical of any potential COVID19 vaccine developed while Donald Trump is president, he also told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that Donald Trump is to blame for New York’s economy tanking:

The virus originated in China but ackshually it’s the “European virus” and Donald Trump calling it the “China virus” was an ambush that directly led to Andrew Cuomo having to shut down New York’s economy (and send elderly nursing home patients to their deaths from COVID19).

Donald Trump is simultaneously the most incompetent POTUS ever and the evilest genius the world has ever seen. Whatever dirtbags like Andrew Cuomo need him to be to suit their current narrative.