But we thought masks were magical and could keep us all safe from the virus? At least that’s the basic message Governor Ralph Northam has been pushing since he put his ‘mask mandate’ in place months ago. Then again, we all know Ralph has been caught in public places without a mask so are we entirely surprised he tested positive?


Official residence staff. Sure, blame ‘the help.’

Were they wearing masks?

Asymptomatic. How many people did Ralph come into contact with? How many people did his wife come into contact with? Hope they were wearing a mask. Contact tracing?


Per the Virginia Department of Health website, the state’s positivity rate has dropped to 5.1% and hospitalizations have been trending down. We can’t of course adequately report on the number of deaths in the state because there seems to be some confusion and a backlog of deaths …

Or as the locals call it, a ‘data dump’.

We of course wish the Governor and First Lady a speedy recovery.