Imagine going through life LOOKING for ways to spread outrage …

Granted, if you’re a seriously biased talking head in the age of Trump, you’re going to hear what you want to hear, like ThinkProgress editor and founder, Judd Legum.

Wow, that looks bad.

No way.

Well, clearly Trump sees himself as a mini-Kim Jong Un.

Just call him Trump Jong Un? *eye roll*

Or maybe was talking about the people who work for him and making a joke?

Oh, yeah, that.


No one is the least bit surprised that Trump of all presidents wants loyalty from the people who work for him, right?

Not necessarily a great character trait but not literally Kim Jong Un.

And kudos to Drucker for not jumping on the ‘TRUMP WANTS TO BE AN EVIL DICTATOR WE KNEW IT’ train like the rest of the media.

They’re RESISTING, man, it’s hard to keep your sense of humor when you’re buried up to your neck in pink vagina hats and glitter glue. Then again, it’s not like these people ever had a sense of humor, to begin with, but still …

At the end of the day, Trump says a lot of stupid stuff, and you’d think by now the Left would understand you have to take most things with a grain of salt. But if they did that then they’d have so little to scream about every day, right?

Blue wave and stuff!


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