Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced at a briefing this morning that local restaurant owner David McAtee, who was shot and killed early Monday morning, had fired a shot before police and National Guard troops fired their weapons:

But “police said it was not clear whom McAtee was firing at, nor who shot McAtee”:

You can watch the video here. The first half, according to the police, is shot from inside McAtee’s restaurant. The second view is from a neighboring business. The shooting appears to occur at the 2:20 mark:

In the mayor’s briefing, the police make it clear that they don’t know who McAtee was aiming at and that this video is only a piece of the puzzle.

McAtee’s restaurant was frequented often by law enforcement officers:

Mayor Fisher fired the police chief, who had already announced his resignation, when it was discovered that all the officers on the scene had turned their body cameras off: