CNN has reported on schools that were kept open in France, and what they want people to think what happened as a result at one of those schools:

So that’s the headline, and for obvious reasons CNN didn’t get to another important detail until quite a way into the story:

Clearly somebody wanted readers to connect the deaths with leaving the school open, but that’s not necessarily the case — which CNN eventually got to:

In all, at least 20 students from her high school, Eugene Delacroix, in nearby Drancy, lost a relative to the virus in 2020, according to the town hall.

Nothing suggests these deaths were caused by infections at the school. But CNN has spoken with students at Eugene Delacroix who say they share a common burden: The fear of bringing Covid-19 home and infecting a loved one.

Nobody expected CNN to lead with that part, did they?

Dems and the teachers’ unions will appreciate CNN’s efforts.