Not surprisingly, the economy last month took a huge hit as a result of government-ordered shutdowns due to the coronavirus outbreak:

President Trump has, on an almost daily basis, shared his optimism that the country will open up again soon, which brings us to the bubble take of the day:

The column opens this way:

Amid our ongoing struggle with the novel coronavirus, an ugly paradox has emerged: On one front after another, President Trump is prioritizing his efforts to create the illusion that the country is returning to normalcy over taking concrete steps that might make that actually happen safely.

Put another way: Trump prizes his magical reality-bending powers so highly that he’d rather rely on them to deliver him reelection, because he fears taking the governing steps necessary to get us back to normalcy will render his reelection less likely as well — the real world consequences be damned.

Well that’s one way to look at it.

And some Democrat governors who are keeping their states shut down to a large degree must be colluding with Trump to help him look like a hero later when things re-open, if we’re to believe the hot take in question.


Sounds about right.


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