The weather in New York City is going to be quite nice this weekend, which gave Mayor Bill de Blasio another reason to remind citizens about what could get them arrested:

De Blasio also said this:

Yep, that’s that’s the warning Comrade Mayor shared with New Yorkers:

Forecast highs in the 70s on Saturday and Sunday present a “danger” if cooped-up New York City residents venture outside without masks, crowd public spaces and ignore social distancing measures meant to stop coronavirus, said the mayor.

“The nice weather is very much a threat to us,” de Blasio said on WNYC Friday.

“There’s nothing wrong with going out and getting some exercise and getting back home,” he added. “Go out for a little bit, but don’t go out for too much. Don’t gather, don’t try and do the things we would normally do on a beautiful spring day.”

De Blasio certainly has all the bases covered now. Bad weather is because of climate change and good weather is also “very much a threat.”

And to think “dictator” is a word lefties such Bill de Blasio reserve for Trump. Oh the irony!