Listen: This editor majored in English in college (before English became the dumping ground for gay studies and then gender studies) and studied all forms of literary criticism, or at least the ones that were fashionable at the time: feminist criticism, queer theory, Marxist criticism, etc. But, tedious as it was, this was a college student studying literature.

Tenth-grade English students in Loudon County, Virginia are also learning to analyze literature through certain lenses, such as critical race theory, queer theory, ecocriticism, and Marxist criticism. We’ve been assured by many people that critical race theory is taught only in law school, but for these students, critical race theory means looking through the lens of “race and racism across dominant cultural modes of expression.”

“What does the work say about oppression? How do the characters overcome oppression?”

“What does the work imply about the possibilities of women joining together to resist patriarchy?” Hey, we thought we weren’t supposed to say “women” anymore; rather, “people who menstruate.” How woke is this district?

Can confirm; e.g., queer theory posits that you can find queer subtext in any work (say, “Huckleberry Finn”) regardless of the author’s intention to put it there.