Liberals always complain that public school teachers are severely underfunded. Now Sen. Dianne Feinstein is pushing a bill that would make sure teachers are awarded grants, with the money earmarked for ensuring they’re teaching climate change and the immediate danger it poses.

The immediate danger posed by climate change? Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the world has 12 years left.

So which climate scientist will be drafted to create this new curriculum? Bill Nye the not-an-actual-scientist guy who takes pictures of the Weather Channel on his TV and posts them on Twitter as proof of climate change?

So very, very tempting.

We remember in the ’80s Ted “Blackface” Danson telling us the world’s oceans would be “dead” in 20 years.

Ask us sometime how they came up with that figure of 97 percent of scientists agreeing man-made climate change is real; it’s a good story.

The best part is: liberals responding to Feinstein are ripping her to shreds for not taking action and signing onto the Green New Deal. Is this an immediate danger or not?