This #RiseUpForRoe tweet from Planned Parenthood Texas Votes is obnoxious enough, but if you’ll indulge us, we’ve covered the quoted speaker before.

Brittany Packnett, aka @MsPackyetti, made a name for herself at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement and was even named to President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, so she’s spent time in the White House.

She has us blocked, but when we checked with her last, she was celebrating the cancellation of the “Roseanne” reboot:

She also took PETA to task in 2016 for teaming up with the police to hand out healthy snacks to neighborhood children: “We don’t need the police to hand us healthy snacks. We need them to stop killing us, and stop getting away with it.”

Now she’s informing pro-lifers that they’re hypocrites:

Something tells us Packnett has some issues with race she’s not dealing with in a healthy way. Does she know that pro-lifers absolutely reject the eugenics practiced by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger? That they’re well aware of the number of abortions in the black community?

And we suppose Packnett cares more about “disabled” babies than pro-lifers — even though it was pro-lifers who were appalled to learn that Iceland was “eliminating” Down Syndrome from the country through abortion? Did we miss Planned Parenthood decrying eugenics at a national level?

Come on.