There are plenty on the Left who’d love to get rid of EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and eventually, there’ll be a story that breaks the camel’s back, sends Pruitt packing, and thus saves the planet from climate change. On Thursday, though, The Daily Beast unleashed an exclusive report that’s impossible to ignore: Pruitt often sends staffers to fetch him snacks.

Look, we’re all about fiscal responsibility, but this story still tickles our funny bone rather more than it enrages us.

The Daily Beast reports:

“I can’t tell you how many times I was sent out to get protein bars on the orders of [Pruitt],” one person told The Daily Beast.

Beyond the protein bars, Pruitt also has a well-known sweet tooth, and often tells staffers to make a grocery run to get his preferred sweets, cookies, and Greek yogurt, among other items, sources say.

Pruitt’s tastes in snacks are rather refined, according to former aides. He is particularly fond of finger food from the upscale eatery Dean & Deluca, according to a former EPA official. Pruitt is also particular about his coffee tastes, the former official said, and would often direct an aide to brew him pour-over coffee, which he prefers to more run-of-the-mill brewing methods.

Pruitt directed an aide to brew him a pour-over? THE MONSTER.

We can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s Scott Pruitt report that’s going to outdo this one.


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