In honor of the release of “What Happened,” dudes across social media are supposed to be retweeting only females today to help #AmplifyWomen … because, you know, Hillary Clinton has only 18 million followers on Twitter and needs every bit of help she can get. If you don’t retweet her, she might stare you right in the eyes and say, “How could you not retweet me?” That’s what she’s up against.

As much as we were on board with the idea of retweeting only women Tuesday (which was not at all), the CIA has horned in on Hillary’s book release party with a Twitter thread. If she every decides she really wants to come clean about “what happened,” a lot of people would be grateful if she’d devote a few chapters to this incident.

Wait … so it wasn’t “guys out for a walk one night [who] decided they’d go kill some Americans”?

Here’s hoping Hillary doesn’t have too strenuous a day today pointing fingers for her election defeat.

* * *