There was bound to be some sort of unspoken competition to see which media outlet could come up with the hottest take to commemorate #MuslimWomensDay, and it looks as though USA TODAY has come through with the best possible mash-up of Trump bashing, feminism, and Islam anyone could have hoped for.

We sort of get the part about the hijab emerging “as a symbol of resistance to Islamophobia amid policies from the Trump administration targeting Muslim immigrants” — even if the president’s much maligned and twice-blocked executive orders regulated travel to the United States, not immigration, and applied to countries, not religion.

Something about the way the young women interviewed for the piece describe their empowerment, though, just doesn’t seem to jibe with feminism as we’re used to it in the United States. Hmm … what could it be?

“I do believe hijab support feminism,” [Sameeha Ahmad] said outside the Muslim prayer center at her school’s College Park campus. “The way you look at it from a religious perspective, it empowers you by strengthening your relationship with God. It’s a step you are taking to further yourself within your own religion.”

Young feminists in America do embrace religion to some extent, but the first example that comes to our minds happens to be this photo from an abortion rights protest in Texas:

Sure, feminists and celebrities flew off the handle this weekend when gun control activist Shannon Watts tweeted that an airline gate agent “forced” a couple of teen girls flying for free to either change or put dresses on over their leggings, but maybe the hijab is a symbol of feminist empowerment in its own way:

Fatima Khan, a 20-year-old studying social sciences, has worn a hijab for the last nine years and feels the practice has helped her focus beyond her appearance. She finds it empowering.

“By covering my body, I am able to limit how much someone can objectify me and instead have the power to only be judged for my intellect, abilities and personality rather than simply my appearance.”

Yeah, still not seeing the hijab/feminism connection.

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