Sometimes a look into the past reveals a comment that was overlooked at the time.

Here in December 2016 is White House Special Assistant Lisa Monaco in an interview done for PBS NewsHour:


HARI SREENIVASAN: Now, since you have laid out that you know who is doing this, you know how they’re doing this, can you say with any certainty that either the hacks have stopped and that we have defended against them?

LISA MONACO: Well, what we did over the summer was to be very clear about what the threat is, and we did that by briefing both Congress and state and local officials, who, of course, own and operate and manage the electoral infrastructure in this country.

And we enabled them to take steps to defend themselves and provided them assistance in shoring up their defenses. So, we also were very clear, during the election season and on Election Day, that we were monitoring and making sure that there had not been an increase in that malicious activity, and we didn’t see an increase.

And, indeed, we are confident in the outcome that there wasn’t a malicious cyber-meddling, such that it affected the vote count or the voting operations.

Here is head of the DHS, Jeh Johnson, from a Fox News video from before the election:

Lisa Monaco also appeared on Tommy Vietor’s podcast to talk about the Russian hacks:

It seems that the Obama administration was focused on preventing Russia from interfering in the election … and they maintain that the election vote was not hacked. And now this: