Earlier this month, Twitchy covered the media outburst against President Trump over a phone call to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that became heated over a “dumb” refugee deal that the Obama administration had put in place:

This happened in Australia Tuesday:

9 News in Australia reports that yes, there was a direct trade-off arrangement in place, and the United States was expected to take in refugees being held by Australia in offshore detention camps — many from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq — before Australia would take in anyone from Central America:

Fellow minister Dan Tehan wouldn’t utter the words “quid pro quo” when pressed about the US swap.

“You can call it that,” he told Sky News.

“What I would call it is both countries looking to help deal with genuine problems and fixing genuine problems when it comes to ensuring we can have in place proper border security but also deal with the issue of genuine refugees.”

“Both countries say the arrangements allow them to reject refugees they believe pose a security risk,” the report concludes.

Here is some video from the debate in Australia: