A look around Twitter can be very revealing. It seems a lot of protests have been aimed at President Trump most of the time, and at the GOP in other instances. Some of these are highly organized and set up in advance.

Here are some of the tweets showing the protests and organizations behind some of them.

Here is a George Soros tweet from January 24th. Links to Open Societies Foundation:

From the article

On the night of Donald Trump’s election, I was in Jakarta with members of Open Society’s Tifa Foundation, 12 hours ahead of my U.S. colleagues. Even watching from halfway around the world, the U.S. election results felt like a powerful body blow, painful and disorienting. I needed time to recover my balance, adjust my stance, and prepare to hit back. But hit back against what?

A few days later, sitting with George Soros and a few colleagues, our first target quickly came into focus: the hate-filled assaults, threats, and screams unleashed by the rhetoric of Trump’s successful campaign. Open Society’s U.S. Programs mounted an entirely new rapid-response grant program to support community organizations nationwide in a campaign against hate. It was a first, heartening demonstration of decisive action in the face of uncertainty. Already in these first days of January, we are sending funds out across America to groups we had not even heard of on election night.

Here is Moveon.org

Here is a Twitter account passing on information about GOP Town hall meetings:

Here is CAIR:

Here is National Council of la Raza:

This is in Baltimore Sunday: