As Twitchy told you earlier tonight, many on the Left were not happy with the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General:

Wednesday had liberals from all fields of entertainment expressing their dislike for President Trump, his cabinet appointments, and his policies. It seems the “No Hate” crowd likes to freely use terms like “impeachment,” “Hitler,” and other expressions to state their case.

Here is a collection:


* It is demeaning to the memory of Coretta Scott King and harmful to the process for the Republicans to silence @SenWarren. #LetLizSpeak * Via @womensmarch: In 1986, the late #CorettaScottKing penned a letter to Congress objecting to #JeffSessions' nomination for federal judge, saying that allowing him to join the federal bench would irreparably damage the work of her husband. Today, @senwarren was silenced from reading these words on the Senate floor. Jeff Sessions is a threat to ALL of our communities. He has been for decades. Together, we must #StopSessions from becoming our next Attorney General. Tweet at your Republican senators and call first thing in the morning and tell them if they vote 'yes' on Sessions you'll vote 'NO' on them. #SessionsHearing #stopsessions #letlizspeak #corettascottking #resist

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And this tweet to share just for balance: