The National Action Network bills itself as a civil rights organization. It has a history of connection to Al Sharpton, who has a history of not paying his taxes.

The New York Daily News reported on NAN’s tax filings in 2010:

After back-to-back years in which he took no compensation from the National Action Network, Sharpton pulled down $250,000 last year, the organization’s federal tax filings show.

The payday comes even as his group, a Harlem-based nonprofit organization, lists $1.1 million in unpaid city, state and federal payroll taxes as of Jan. 1, the group’s auditor told the Internal Revenue Service.

At the same time, the reverend has three outstanding warrants totaling $988,000 in unpaid personal income taxes from 2002 to 2007, the state Department of Taxation and Finance says.

On Tuesday, NAN held a protest outside Trump Tower in New York City in opposition to the president’s naming of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch:

Sharpton was quick to take to Twitter about the Gorsuch nomination:

Meanwhile, Sharpton was still feeling some heat for this comment: