Today is the first of a 5 day window in which North Korea might launch a new rocket.

Here are the latest moves in this story:

Today, we discussed a number of important topics, starting with the United States’ unwavering commitment to Japan’s defense and security. Our negotiators have been working to finalize a new agreement that strengthens our alliance and is more politically sustainable. We have reiterated our commitment to maintaining a military presence in Japan that will enable the United States to defend Japan while ensuring regional peace and security.

We covered a number of regional and global issues, but spent most of our time on North Korea’s planned missile launch. Our two governments will continue to closely coordinate, consult, and cooperate as this situation develops. We share a strong interest in stability on the Korean peninsula, and we believe that strength and security will not come from more provocations but from North Korea living up to its commitments and obligations.!/PacificCommand/status/189794670736453632!/newsjean/status/190266062787457027!/newsjean/status/190301258891018240