From Moscow Times:

McFaul took to Twitter on Friday morning apparently with this  purpose in mind. He held an exchange in English with a user  by the name @prostitutkamila in which he answered questions about his  impromptu interview with NTV, which the channel aired Thursday.  The U.S. ambassador said he had been nervous during the interview  and misspoke “in bad Russian” when he had apparently called Russia  “wild.”

“Just watched NTV,” McFaul wrote. “Did not mean to say ‘wild country.’  Meant to say NTV actions ‘wild.’ I greatly respect Russia.”

In response to a question from @prostitutkamila about why he  was nervous when speaking with NTV journalists, McFaul said there were also  people in military dress present.

@prostitutkamila  Were not just journalists there. Were men in military uniform. People w/  posters. All strange for me. Learning,” McFaul wrote.

His tweets: