Things happen when you hit a bus with your Mercedes

View the video to make up your own mind.

Below is what he posted on his facebook page:

Oxner is running an ad depicting Barack Obama, our first African-American President, as the captain of a slave ship. Populated by white children in chains.

The ad does feature some utterly incoherent, random references to “corporate subsidies,” “free healthcare,” bank bailouts, “the 99 percent,” Guy Fawkes, Cialis and “my husband’s solar company.” Much like a fevered, quick-cut dream of a junkie, strung out on meth. Or Glenn Beck. One or the other.

But the centerpiece of the ad is a maniacal photoshopped image of President Barack Obama, shouting “uh, no questions on this ship.” Plus a tight close-up of two 10-year-old white girls, in chains, rowing furiously. And in case you missed that oh-so-subtle point, there are balloons with the President’s campaign logo gently floating up and down, and the ship is called the “U.S.S. Obamaboat.”

In other words, prejudiced, demented garbage.

And I’m in the ad; my head is photoshopped onto the body of a parrot. Because, as everyone knows, I never have any thoughts of my own.

Why is Mark Oxner running for Congress? Because KKK Grand Wizard David Duke isn’t a Florida resident?