From New York Daily News:

A Belvedere Vodka ad with a crude slogan had many customers taking shots — at  the company.

The ad, which features a grinning man grabbing a terrified woman, uses the  slogan “Unlike Some People Belvedere Always Goes Down Smoothly.”

The ad instantly sparked outrage over the seeming implication of rape and  went viral after it was posted Friday on the company’s Facebook and Twitter  sites.

The ad has since been scrubbed from both pages, but not before an initial  apology made things worse, because fans said it didn’t address what they  believed was the reference to rape.

Response from the president of the company:!/belvederevodka/status/183611242848600065

Other tweets:!/iggypintado/status/183759254568710144!/ClaraVaz1/status/183750673865777153!/ComfortablySmug/status/183252528253771777