From the Daily Mail:

Police in France believe one of these three soldiers pictured giving Nazi salutes is the serial killer who gunned down three children and an adult outside a Jewish school.

All three were sacked and elite anti-terror officers were last night leading the hunt to find them.

The latest attack followed four other ride-by murders in the same part of southern France last week. Three of the victims were North African and the fourth was black.

All four victims were soldiers were in uniform and from the same regiment – the 17th Parachute Regiment – as the three who were sacked for their neo-Nazi poses.

Police believe the scooter-riding killer may be a right-wing extremist and are investigating the theory that he could be linked to three soldiers recently sacked from the army for neo-Nazi connections.

In each case the gunman approached his targets on a motor scooter – his face obscured by a crash helmet – brandishing two guns.

Photos at link.