From SFGate:

The campaign to pressure advertisers to leave conservative Rush Limbaugh’s radio  show after his misogynistic comments about a college  student looks familiar – it was presaged six years ago in a similar effort  directed at a San Francisco talk-radio station by an anonymous blogger called  Spocko.

But the painstaking method Spocko used – telling a station’s advertisers that  their hosts were saying things that might not line up with their corporate  values – took root and spread.

One of the people who informally advised then was  Spocko.

Starting in 2006, Spocko – whose day job is advising large companies about  their media image – became disturbed by commentary he heard on KSFO, a prominent  Bay Area conservative talk station.

Instead of threatening a boycott, he would suggest to a corporation that a  host’s commentary was not reflecting its corporate values. He would send online  clips, like one of former KSFO host Lee Rodgers suggesting that a protester be  “stomped to death right there. Just stomp their bleeping guts out.”

Eventually, companies including Bank of America and MasterCard asked that  their advertising be withdrawn.

From New York Times: 

The lead blogger, who uses the name Spocko, said that he and other bloggers had contacted more than 30 advertisers on KSFO-AM to inform them of comments made on the air and to ask them to pull their ads.

The comments were also posted on Spocko’s Web site,  In response, ABC Radio Networks, which owns KSFO and which in turn is owned by the  Walt Disney Company, sent letters to the site’s service provider, demanding the clips be taken down from its servers. The provider complied, raising the issue of what constitutes fair use of copyrighted material by a critic.

Some of Spocko’s tweets:!/spockosbrain/status/176495757296283648!/spockosbrain/status/177850388781875200!/spockosbrain/status/178287512949760001